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Maybe it was your friend raving about how working with an interior designer had changed their home (and life), or maybe you’re just tired of spending weekends at the shopping centre agonising over furniture choices…or perhaps you’ve been inspired by the latest season of The Block and want to see what’s possible for your space. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to give an interior design service a go.

There are plenty of options out there for you! Whether you choose a traditional face-to-face interior design service or give collaborating online with an interior designer (eDecorating) a try, there is a solution for everyone.

Because we know that trying anything for the first time can be a little bit daunting, Milray Park, Australia’s home of eDecorating, has compiled their best suggestions, along with insider tips to ensure your first interior design experience runs like clockwork.

#1 Do your prep

This really is the fun bit – before you brief the designer take a little time to prepare an idea of what you like and dislike. It’s as simple as gathering together images of rooms, colours and any particular pieces you’re drawn to.

Don’t worry too much about what’s right for your room; this is your chance to let your imagination run wild. The more creative direction you can provide on your preferred aesthetic, the better.

TIP: Here are a couple of tried and tested tools, to help you compile your inspo:

Pinterest – Even if you’re not usually a ‘pinner’, you’ll find this site so quick and easy to pick up. Just set up a board, search Pinterest’s infinite amount of inspo and if you see an image you like, just ‘pin it’. If you opt for an inline interior design service, you can even link the board to your design brief when you’ve finished. It’s that simple.

Milray Park Interior Style Quiz – It’s easy to get lost when you try to figure out what interior design style best describes your taste. Luckily, Milray Park Interior Style Quiz is here to help! Knowing your interior design style is the key to success when buying everything from furniture to art, and starting your next room makeover.

#2 Keep your options open

Okay, having said all that… While your designer needs to get a gauge of your taste, your best and most delightful result will come from giving them some creative license to offer you a truly bespoke solution.

Allowing flexibility in your brief keeps open the possibility of receiving a look beyond your imagination. That’s the beauty of working with an industry expert, after all.

Remember that when it comes to interior design, the ball is in your court. The first look your designer creates is merely a springboard for discussion; opening the conversation for collaborative revisions.

Everyone works differently and you may prefer the ‘delegation’ approach – providing the brief and trusting your designer to work their magic, or it might take you to your happy place to play a big part of the creative process.

TIP: The way you work together is your call, but let your designer know. Collaboration works best when the communication is clear (in fact, doesn’t everything?). Be as involved as you like…or not. It’s win-win all round.

#3 Express yourself

Working with an interior designer means you’re kept firmly in the driving seat. At Milray Park you write the brief, set the budget and feedback on the concepts, until the design is approved.

But with power comes responsibility, so honesty, transparency and constructive feedback are key. This is a collaborative process so don’t be shy to provide your opinion; the more you refine, the closer you come to completing your dream space.

TIP: This is your chance to unleash your inner Shaynna Blaze, be open with your designer about what you love and don’t love about the concept. If you go for the online experience, communicating is as easy as a breeze with Milray Park’s click and comment feature.

#4 You don’t have to do it alone

Do the wood tones of my dining room furniture all need to match? Is my coffee table styling on point?

Some questions are just too hard to answer alone, but an interior designer has your back. Not only do you have their expert knowledge on hand, to explain why this sofa is absolutely perfect for your space. But they’ll also draw up a floor plan to make sure the furniture fits like a glove.

TIP: An interior designer can unlock your space potential while online interior design make sticking to a budget infinitely easier, so let go and have fun.

Keep these points in mind and your first foray into interior design will be a breeze.

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