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Marco’s philosophy is that anything can be achieved through hard work and self-motivation. He has already proven this on and off the sports field, after outstanding success in football, having played for Pakuranga College and Fencibles United, in addition to coaching younger players. 
A passion for matching people with the right property, combined with a flair for communication and marketing, gives Marco the edge in the sale of your home. 

A natural born leader, with an effervescent personality that allows him to make friends and gain acceptance for his ideas quickly, Marco’s likeability makes him a pleasure to deal with – as both a vendor, and just importantly as a purchaser.

Harness Marco’s passion and prowess for leading a project to completion and let him lead the way to the successful sale of your property!


  • 1011/30 Beach Road, Auckland Central 
  • 215/125 Custom Street West, Auckland Central
  • 1121/ 135 Hobson Street, Auckland Central
  • 2709/1 Courthouse Lane, Auckland Central
  • 627/72 Nelson Street, Auckland Central
  • 15A/33 Mount Street, Auckland Central
  • 912/421 Queen Street, Auckland Central
  • 8A/147 Hobson Street, Auckland Central
  • 6A/147 Hobson Street, Auckland Central 
  • 3G/72 Wellesley Street, Auckland Central 
  • 2i/147 Hobson street, Auckland Central 
  • 103/43 Anzac Avenue, Auckland Central 
  • 7k/34 Kingston Street, Auckland Central 
  • 3/19 Smiths Avenue, Papakura
  • 402/22 Nelson Street, Auckland Central
  • 5F/34 Kingston Street, Auckland Central
  • 5P/147 Hobson Street, Auckland Central
  • 13B/76 Albert Street, Auckland Central
  • 23A/78 Albert Street, Auckland Central
  • 117/157 Hobson Street, Auckland Central 
  • 4I/99 Custom Street West, Auckland Central
  • 1602/79 Airedale Street, Auckland Central
  • 21J/76 Albert Street, Auckland Central
  • 4K/23 Emily Place, Auckland Central 
  • 11E/23 Emily Place, Auckland Central 
  • Au19 & Au20/147 Hobson street, Auckland Central 
  • A107/130 Anzac Street, Takapuna 
  • 8F/82 Wakefield street, Auckland Central
  • 7J/23 Emily Place, Auckland Central


  • 2022/2023 - Executive Performer
  • 2019/2020 - Executive
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