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Gabriela Galateanu

Licensee Salesperson - Apartment & Residential Specialist


A career as a flight attendant allowed Gabriela a unique opportunity to understand that great communication, professionalism and delivering exceptional service beyond expectations through negotiating situations have set the foundation for a successful career in Real Estate specialising in selling residential homes and lifestyle apartments.

Highly motivated and a very down-to-earth person with an unbelievable work ethic, Gabriela is very genuine and approachable to anyone - speaking several languages has given her a distinct advantage in this respect. Her customer service developed over a decade of experience is a commitment way beyond providing an exceptional experience to providing regular updates to keep her clients well informed which assists them to make well-informed decisions, maintaining the energy and resilience to ensure she finds the right buyer, no problem is left unsolved to assisting with settlement beyond the sale and the after-sales service and communication.

A passion for marketing has helped her explore various methods of advertising and enabled her to understand what is needed in order to achieve the best outcome when selling a property. Marketing has fascinated me from the beginning and I’ve always wanted to learn and understand it better which has helped me explain to the owners how it works. 

My eye for detail goes a long way and I make sure to observe every detail when it comes to presenting a home for sale. Gabriela uses this as a strength and point of difference to ensure that all buyers are reached in the market both active and passive to ensure that the best value is achieved for her clients. 

She understands how all the platforms work and how to best market to add value but also that a client wants to know that their Sales Person representing their home is not sitting back waiting for the phone to ring  Gabriela is a proactively and creatively looking for buyers through her database and the wider Real Estate network to bring more buyers to the property leaving no stone unturned.

A career now well established has helped Gabriela hone her negotiation skills with a good dose of perseverance and resilience meaning that she will work hard for vendors to ensure that they have the best opportunity to secure a deal on the best price, terms and conditions.

Motivated and inspired by always being the best version of herself so she can exceed all expectations and leave all that work with her knowing that they are treated as she would like to be, it is important for her to leave a good first and last impression to ensure long-standing and loyal repeat Business.

Gabriela has an enormous drive for growth both professionally and personally, that does not accept complacency - so she has learnt to where she can push limits, learn more and achieve a bigger life by feeling accomplished in all she does.

It is no surprise that Gabriela's interests outside of work are prioritising eating healthy, being super fit and daily meditation so she is match fit every day for her clients and when she is having time out she will be on a snowboard, beach, camping or on a nature walk.

If you are thinking of selling your residential home or lifestyle apartment, call  Gabriella for your next-level sales and service experience.


  • 2023/2024 - Premier Performer
  • 2022/2023 - Premier Performer
  • 2021/2022 - Executive
  • 2020/2021 - Premier Performer
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