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Cameron Brain

Auction Manager for City Realty Group

Cameron’s breadth of expertise is the result of a credible real estate career that spans over a 30-year period, with international exposure and experience in New Zealand and Australia. 

A highly acclaimed Auctioneer of long-standing, his successful career has transcended many roles – Sales Consultant, Auctioneer to Business Development Manager – a career path that has honoured him a place among the nation’s most highly rated Auctioneers. 

As the appointed Auction Manager for Ray White City Realty Group, his role also sees him as an influential communicator in sales trainings, business coaching and a speaker operating across four offices. 

Differing from mainstream auctioneers, Cameron’s determination to see desired results materialise is not only evident with his energy and instinct on the auction floor, but by being present at the very first stage of each campaign. Doing the groundwork by regularly investing time with clients and colleagues, Cameron shares his insights into the intricacies of auction and negotiation, ensuring vendors have a true grasp on what to expect come their moment – his commitment and availability is an elemental point-of-difference.

Cameron works on a basis of strategy and scenario. From his extensive experiences, he can foretell a move before it will happen and determine the mood and motion of the situation – accordingly, he is well-recognised for expertly bringing together deals that were once thought lost.

Upbeat, talkative and with a candid approach, he naturally has a way with people. Respected, accomplished and hard-working, he is a natural in his environment.

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