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Ainsley Lewis

Licensee Salesperson

Ainsley boasts a rich and diverse professional background, with three years of dedicated experience in apartment sales throughout Auckland City that includes invaluable experience and success in the niche field of selling off-the-plan real estate. 

Ainsley's expertise extends beyond the city centre, encompassing several years of successfully selling across surrounding fringe residential suburbs real - there is no listing that is too small, big or complicated.

Before embarking on her real estate journey, Ainsley contributed her talents and skills to the local Auckland City Council. This robust background reflects her deep-rooted connection to the city, having both lived and worked in Auckland Central since her high school days when she attended St. Mary's College in Ponsonby.

Ainsley's approach to real estate reflects her client-centric philosophy. When listing a new property, she places a strong emphasis on understanding the vendor's desired outcome, whether it's selling to retire comfortably or upgrading to a larger family home. She maintains a steadfast commitment to her client's objectives, consistently reminding them that she is working diligently on their behalf. Ainsley's attentiveness extends to potential buyers as well, always seeking to identify additional opportunities that align with their needs and budget. When inquiring about one property, prospective buyers can expect to receive information about not just one, but all suitable options.

In summary, Ainsley combines her extensive real estate expertise with a deep appreciation for Auckland's beauty and a genuine commitment to her client's goals, making her an exceptional asset in the realm of Auckland's real estate market.

Beyond her professional life, Ainsley finds joy in exploring the city streets alongside her partner on a scooter, discovering new developments that Auckland has to offer. She is an avid nature enthusiast, frequently indulging in the serene experience of hiking up One Tree Hill to witness spectacular celestial events such as supermoon rises and meteor showers. A passionate photographer, Ainsley captures the beauty of city sunsets and sunrises, delighting in sharing these breathtaking moments with her friends.

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